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How hard would it be To make custom seed generation for dst worlds?

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I personally really do wan't to try more Challenges to push dst content for the people
And I think interesting ways to do that would be to introduce unique world seeds that makes the world generated harder or easier.

Kind of like adventure mode seeds
Archipelago has its biomes seperated by ocean

King of winter is just endless winter

Cold reception has various traps for the players as well as more frog rains. (can reset traps with world regrowth)

Darkness is just lights out but more unique with maxwell lights

Two worlds has the dangerous side with more resources  and the normal side with safe resources.

It would be great to try and help revitalize some more of the community to have world seeds that can still be random but generate unique scenarios.  LIke those of adventure mode.

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While in-game map editor would be nice, I'm not sure how simple and worth it would be to add in this editor something like custom day phase length, desynchronisation of day-night cycle in the same shard depending on location (or is it custom effect triggered by wormholes?), unique distribution and order of biomes/rooms in some maps (Archipelago, for example, needs to have 1-2 biomes in each island instead of being random bits of mainland to work; Game is Afoot also has patters of bridges, each of which gates several predictable biomes after them: tallbird bridge gates rocky biome/triple mac tusk, spiral tentacle bridge gates swamp, clockwork bridge gates forest with a lot of clockwork set pieces (and palm trees)), plus there are scenarios like burning trees upon joining in the King of Winter and such. In other games I played such in-game editors always end up to be too simplified compared to dev's scenarios (and hardly ever used in general), which is why one comes into modding anyway if one wants to create something really unique and interesting.

However, it would be great and simple enough (I guess) to introduce ability to design and add in-game custom set pieces in the world during worldgen. I, for example, would love something like 2 napsacks near skeleton as guaranteed set piece in lights out world, 1-2 giant peppers somewhere near Dragonfly set piece or 1-2 giant asparagus near oasis lake. Custom starting items as a setting would be also interesting for worlds like light's out (I would give everyone some grass, twigs and 2-3 flints upon joining instead of 1 chest containing supplies for everyone).

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