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How does the temporal rift opener works?

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Hi all!

i finally found the temporal rift opener! Ive build some radbolt gens and power supply and managed to fire radbolts in there. But nothing seems to happen. There is a little animation that shows that the radbolts hit the receiver but then it just travels past it. I did leave a huge gap to the sky (definitly more then 5 tiles), No gas, no buildings, just space. Are there any more things i need to do before it will take the radbolts?




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It needs to be able to see the sky for the three tile-width of the device. There used to be a bug that required it to be five tiles wide but they fixed that.

It doesn't need to be exposed to vacuum, you can use either the transparent window tiles that come with the POI or construct new ones, as long as sunlight can penetrate all the way down to the device. Use the lighting overlay to check. Sunlight gets attenuated by gases so that can cause a blockage. If there's something built across the top of the map that can also block it.

Other requirements:

  • You need to have five printing pods, including the one that you started with.
  • You need to have discovered the temporal tear in the Spacemap.

Once all those requirements are met the aperture will open and reveal a radbolt target. 



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