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Less Wiki based Warly

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I saw that in yesterday's hotfix, you made it so that Maxwell will quote on things that affect his shadow power. I wish Warly's quotes could help him know how to make his unique dishes. Maybe if he examines bone shards, he could say that he could cook some onions in a bone broth for a good dish. Or maybe when he examines volt goat horn, he could mention that with some sweets, this dish could become shockingly tasty. Maybe with moqueca, when he examines fish he would say that an onion and tomato would compliment this perfectly. I could keep going on. 

My point is that Wary is super wiki based. I mean who would actually randomly put 2 nightmare fuel and two onions in a pot and think that something would actually be created. There are over 1 million different possible combinations in a crock pot. It would take years of testing to figure out what all of Warly's dishes are.

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