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Need help with a workaround for Trader component

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I'm adding in an item that I want Pig King to accept and in turn, he'll drop a different item other than gold nuggets. I know how to implement this as I've already done something similar to Pigmen by adding in a PrefabPostInIt and just changing their ongetitem and accepttest functions. I wonder, however, if there is any other way for me to implement what I want to do other than changing those functions? I feel like with the way I've done things, my mod might clash with other Pig and PK mods that fiddle with their trader components. 



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you could probably do something like this

local old_targetfn = inst.components.combat.targetfn
local old_retargetperiod = inst.components.combat.retargetperiod
inst.components.combat:SetRetargetFunction(old_retargetperiod, function(...)
    local target = old_targetfn(...)
    if target and target:HasTag("your_tag_here") then

    return old_targetfn(...)

not using this function or whatever but the same concept with the old_targetfn

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