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The bone suit should be weakened, while the shadow suit and thulium mine suit should be strengthened

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The effect of the bone suit is put too high. Compared with the shadow suit and thulium mine suit, they have no meaning. After skilled players kill the cave boss quickly, they don't need the shadow suit and thulium mine suit at all. I don't think this is a good data. The effect of the bone suit should be lower than them
In fact, using a necklace really puzzles me. This (except for something that can shine) is even less related to shadow magic than wands and bat swords?
I think the first level can be removed completely, and the luminous necklace, some wand and bat sword can be placed in the second level, the shadow equipment and thulium mine equipment can be placed in the third level, and even the bone suit can be placed in the second level. The shadow incense burner is a failure. I really don't think that Maxwell's final state should be a role of standing by and letting his own puppet take the place of his own fighting role, which is too boring
the range of influence of equipment does not need to be so large, it made Maxwell does not need to participate in the fight at all. He seems to have become a cheating player
I prefer the original appearance. His hat can provide a certain increase, but to a small extent. In this case, if you don't want your armor to wear too fast, you can wear a helmet; If you have enough confidence in your skills, you can wear a hat, and you can get some additional damage, but it is not obvious. I think this is a reasonable game mode, rather than determining the increase effect based on the strength of the equipment. It seems to tell others: I am nobler than you because I have money. I think it should be reversed. Maxwell is obviously a character who needs skills, so he should get stronger strength in a more dangerous state (wearing a hat without defense), rather than wearing a hat that can resist shadow monsters, wear a armor that can block any attack, and then hide to watch his puppet abuse boss
In other words, if the thulium mine suit is damaged, it is very painful. They are very expensive.I can't even bear to use such things, so it should be reasonable to have a high increase effect. But what is the qualification of bone armor? It only needs cheap nightmare fuel to maintain its powerful ability. Do you want to make it more powerful now?
As for the influence range of equipment, it can be set between the previous version and the current version. If it is not feasible, the status of the previous version will be used. Now it really affects the game balance
With regard to the update of the puppet, each of the previous updates is reasonable. The third update is to make the puppet stronger because the combat puppet is too weak. The fourth update is to prevent Maxwell from standing idly by because the puppet is too strong, so he must participate in the fight. But what is the purpose of this update? With a huge influence range, more advanced equipment has more advanced increase effect. Why? Let Maxwell stand aside and show off his equipment?

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1 hour ago, Dragonboooorn said:

Bone equipment is an end game reward for killing end game boss. It makes sence to have the best buff over craftable equipment

but they have been very strong before

Moreover, the trend of rapid customs clearance has become very serious, which will certainly aggravate it

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6 minutes ago, whiteking said:

but they have been very strong before

Bone armor blocks only one attack  and have a cooldown afterwards. Great against one slow hard hit, qustionable in other situations.

Bone helm provides only 70% of protection which is worse than a football helm. It is also non repairable, and if you will take damage with that thing on you - it will eventually brake and you will have to do fuelweaver route over again.


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1 minute ago, Dragonboooorn said:


骨制头盔只能提供 70% 的保护,比足球头盔还差。它也是不可修复的,如果你被那个东西弄坏了——它最终会刹车,你将不得不重新做一次燃料编织路线。



In fact, you can replace two pieces of armor by turns after killing the boss twice. When it takes effect, the helmet will not be damaged

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