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Too much lags on multiplayer

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whenever i am playing on solo there is basically no lag and no issue, very fun but when i am playing multiplayer it is so awful and very hard to kite. i have altered all settings relating to performance (Lag Compensation is off, my resolution is quite bad etcetera) so i need help please.

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18 hours ago, DajeKotlyar said:

Is that low FPS or hight ping?

not rly sure if it is either. it could be low fps but when i am playing solo my fps is swimming. no jumps or bumps.

it is also worth mentioning that i used to run dst very good however this entire issue arose suddenly and ever since has made my dst experience horrid

On 11/6/2022 at 3:19 AM, Loonytoony said:

are you the one hosting the server? or is it someone else

wait no way are u the guy who made the video 'Maxwell rework is cool' i am a big fan

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