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A small nerf to maxwells puppets!

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Just after testing the new maxwell rework.... got to say its pretty awesome, love the shadow pillars, love the new wheel for codex, love the new and improved shadow puppets.

However i believe the shadow puppets need a very small nerf to jusify their insane utility and combat strength. I want them to remain functionally as they are currently but:

  • Shadows duelists should cost 5 hp per summon... so they still can be infinitely summoned as long as you bring healing... but forces people to not blindly spam them for every fight.
  • Shadow servants should cost 5 hunger per summon... not as costly as the 5hp drain for duelists but trading hunger for insanely increased resource gathering makes sense to me.

Pretty sure some others have suggested this nerf or similar but i wanted to chip in with my own post.

I actually like how every character is getting very strong now... klei needs to revise some older reworks to buff them abit but stronger characters are just more fun even if the game becomes abit easier. Unpopular opinion but thumbs up for power creep! 

Edit: on second thought the 5hp cost for duelist is abit high for Maxwells max hp of 75.... maybe raise his max hp to 100 to compensate? That way if you make 5 duelists at the start of the fight his hp goes back down to 75hp anyway!

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