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Things I want for A Maxwell rework before the update

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So I've gotten accidentally spoiled finding out the next rework is Maxwell and I must say I don't want it to just be an update to one single part of him, get into the dark part that Maxwell is still learning how to use the Codex which is full of dark morbid creatures that we may of not yet discovered, he could finally make shadows that take on roles depending on what you give them. without any tools they collect items randomly in their inventory and can be accessed like chester to grab and fill it with things you want them to do like: 1. Shovel for digging once commanded by Maxwell 2. Axe for chopping full grown trees once again commanded by maxwell, 3, Paddles to automatically paddle in the direction maxwell commands them to go in. Lastly 4 being any weapon like Swords excluding Lunar weapons which they drop and hiss at as the Shadows and lunars have been at war for ages and still despise each other, they will try their best to kite when commanded to fight unless commanded again and they'd go full force to the target without hesitation. Let Maxwell be a more hands on play style where Maxwell can tell HIS creations what to do and where to go with the quote: "Makes me feel like King again..."image.thumb.png.00f919a491949c5a0f2e9b0cd1d7651a.png

(Inspired by these mods)

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