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Cool idea for maxwell

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Ive said this a lot since i saw the patch notes so i decided to put it all here in this thread

The new duelists are cool, i hope they dont get nerfed, they are fun

What isnt exactly too fun is just staring at your slaves do the fighting while you just right click everytime they die

My idea is to make maxwell have to dodge many shadow creatures aswell as having to stay close to the enemy while his duelists are fighting, and time specifically when to summon them back so he doesnt get hit by nightmare creatures 

This is the best way i cant think of to make this work properly:

First of all, make him go insane if his sanity is locked enough

Secondly, dont just make a normal insane maxwell without servants or duelists have to fight 8 shadow creatures, here is how the system could work:

Insane maxwell without duelists, 2 Nightmare Creature cap, normal

Insane maxwell with 1 duelist, 3 NC cap

Insane + 2 duelists, 4 NC cap

Insane + 3 duelists, 5 NC cap

and so on, Insane + 6 duelists should be a cap of 8 nightmare creatures

Thats all

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