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Ideas for balancing Maxwell’s new shadow duelists

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I think the changes are great but the cost of killing bosses is way too low and takes very little effort or risk. I think they should balance how many you can summon as well as their damage output. They could also add risk by making your character receive a higher damage multiplier from enemy attacks that can increase per every duelist you have active. This ties in well with the sanity loss because you’re forced to be more careful about going insane from the codex since you’ll take more damage from shadow creatures. 

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Yeah. I like their damage it's fine, but their numbers and insanely cheap cost, coupled with their ease of use and no risk makes them a bit overpowered. Lessening their max numbers is a good nerf, perhaps increasing their durability cost for the Codex Umbra to 25% or something would also be a good idea I'd reckon. But I also now like your idea there, what if Maxwell, having a simple time staying sane for the most part, had it much much more difficult when he does go insane compared to other characters. The weakness effect you suggested is nice, and another idea I saw someone propose is an entirely new type of shadow creature that's much more dangerous and is exclusive to Maxwell. Of course, the latter is much more unlikely to be implemented, as it is essentially an entirely new mob, but still I really like the idea nonetheless.

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