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Character horn growth -- Art question

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So, I'm working on my first mod, rather the art portion of it (I have someone I intend to officially hire for the coding half soon) but whereas most of it is pretty straight forward, I want a specific perk that requires some additional art frames which is where the problem comes in.

I want my character to grow horns that can ultimately fall off after hitting their final growth stage (Kind of like how Wilson and Webber can grow a beard which can be shaved off). the coder has assured its possible code wise but I don't actually know where I'm supposed to draw the horns nor how to ensure they grow in the right and aren't just some floating asset.

I'm using the extended sample template as was advised and I feel like the hair or hair_hat options are the most likely places based on the default assets in there but I'm not certain thats correct and even if it is I'm not sure how I'd name/label the horns so they could be used for the intended purpose.

If context helps at all with naming things and where the ideal folder is, I want the character to start with no horns then grow small nubs, then medium sized, then large, and then fall off. I've drawn the character with no horns by default as a result.

Thanks for your time and any hell you all can provide :)

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I suggest you either create  different headbase (artwise, little code) or add a new layer and follow the face symbol (codewise, little art). For the first method the code is overriding symbols or builds, for the second the code is to change the following symbol whenever the character turns his face.

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