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People mention biomes and world gen, but there's not that much to be changed for that. The only thing to really tweak would maybe be making biomes more compact, making more things respawn with regrowth faster and more plentifully, and making basics like grass, twigs, and even reeds, spawn in bunches where there would only spawn one. Not only are things too expensive for 1 player, but having multiple players harvest all the nearby items makes the game a slog when you can't craft things because you need another 2 stacks of some basic resource to progress significantly. Then players in the know-how go find the desert and pick tumbleweeds, arguably more reliable than actual grass and twigs, which is stupid when you consider that it's a desert, it should be desolate of most resources, except maybe something like gold, as one would expect first going through it. Turns out, the regular biomes are the real deserts and the oasis and dragonfly deserts are the most bountiful. For a game like this you have to account for a dozen or two players coming and going for public lobbies. But all that doesn't require much changes honestly.

Where I would like to see things taking more focus on, which is much tougher to get right, would be tweaking existing items, especially eliminating RNG in droprates, which tends to be infuriating and grindy, and making existing items that players typically don't use unless they don't know what they do and want to try it out, something that would be useful, at least for what they are worth and at the stage of the game you craft them at. Converting some items to others, like hound's teeth to bone shards (either crafting or hammering, but probably both), and who can forget getting fossils instead of bone shards from deconstructing bone armor and bone helm. But for most items, changes probably won't even be discussed around here. Maybe it would be a good idea to assess some of them specifically, because it does seem like Klei are open for changing the costs of some items and making them more useful, either from something as basic as repairs, or adding some utility. One thing that comes to mind is the Night Light. You might use it in the ruins, but generally it's kind of a waste of nightmare fuel, and if you need to keep warm, a firepit will be better, so having the Night Light regulate temperature, maybe to keeping you from both overheating and freezing, would make it more useful.

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