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How do I host two separate servers on the same device?

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Hello. I have two fully functioning dedicated servers, and they both work fine when I try to run just one of them, but when I attempt to launch them both, one of them fails to start because of ID Errors I believe. I have tried changing id values but nothing changed, so I'm not sure what exact values need to be changed or what they need to be changed to. (And yes, my PC should be capable of handling them both at once) 


I uploaded a screenshot of the Steam CMD windows (Top two are the server that is currently active, bottom two are the server I tried to load up while the first one was active), and a copy of my server files in case someone wants to look at them and find out what I need to change where.

Screenshot (173).png


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You need to make sure that the ports for each server are different. In your case you could fix it by configuring the following on one of the two servers:

- master_port = 10888 -> 10889

-server_port = 10999 -> 12001

-server_port = 10998 -> 12000

That should allow both servers to run at the same time on the same machine.

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There seems to be a port overlap left, as the bottom right console aborts with the message that the port it tries to listen on is already in use.

Try changing these values of one of the server's server.ini
master_server_port = 27017 -> 27018
authentication_port = 8767 -> 8768

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