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WX-78 modules

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1. Why light module has 5 slots and moggle module has 4? Shouldnt it be swaped? Moggles are so much more powerful.
2. What is the point of giving Wortox 2 sanity for healing. Just remove sanity drain when he eat souls and drop hunger to 20 and healing to 15 or something like this. Wortox is not apealing for most people just because even he can eat souls he realy is at the end depended on sanity foods/regeneration from items and that he is wavable character is not helping him at all....
3. Why has termal stone durability? I see so many poeple using mods to stop it. To be real only people who dont know about that mod dont use it. (Maybe make it toglable option)
4. Cure fore diseese plants/some prevention mechanic.  Something like lingo that is on fire but on diseesed plants.

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3. because was buffed in dst to keep the temperature way longer and dont cooldown/heat the player in winter/summer, clothing have durability so thermal stones do too but in other way (a way that fits a stone, changes on temperature break rocks). They last forever if you dont let them go gray. I know that mod but i dont use it because i dont like that kind of gameplay

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Thanx for replays I actualy learned a lot and it seems I made a lot of opsees.
1. yes it does cost 3 modusel not more mb
4. was watching old gude, mb. (I was actualy looking for it in settings and it wasnt there and I was super confused...)
3. Didnt know about gray thing mechanic and if u think of termal stone as if of cloasthing it make sence. 
Onece again thanx for answers guys.

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