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Some suggestions, just my opinion

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-woby transforming into big woby when it is full moon.

-walter tent having more durability since the other tents in-game now have 15 uses 

-remove weremoose speed modifier, and give this form some buff idk, more damage, healing overtime or something else.

-all wereforms meter working like weremoose meter (if you stay still, it will decrease faster)

-willow extinguishing fire as a perk, and lose sanity as cost (she already extinguise smoldering faster, why not also extinguish fires)

-willow having summer protection (the same effect as refrigerant circuit, but as a permanent perk)

-give wolfgang protection back (25% extra damage when wimpy (150 hp) and 50% protection when he is mighty(300 hp))

-give poor warly a unique buff that will discourage players to do (switch to warly, make food, switch back). My suggestion is making warly have double time effect when he eats any of his dishes, it will encourage people to stay as warly since he will make the food last at least the double.


I wonder if these things would be good or bad (or if it makes sense), because when i read some suggestions, i fell like some dont make much sense, i fear that my suggestions could be in the same situation lol

(this doesnt mean a suggestion is good or bad, some I think that are interestings suggestions, others I think it doesnt make much sense for the game, but is just my opinion)

feel free to share a suggestion in here if you want

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