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incubator priority

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I really wish the eggs that were brought to an incubator were the most mature eggs available.  Of course everyone wants to minimize the time of each egg's incubation.  I'm not sure how the algorithm currently works, but it definitely isn't that. 


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Eggs are treated as any other material, so it's probably just whichever one is closest to the dupe who picks up the supply task.

Incubators use a lot of power if you leave them on all the time. I've found that if you attach them to a cycle timer and only leave them on for a single 10% time slot, the Lullabye boost still lasts the full cycle. You just need to make sure the incubators in different rooms have different active time slots and your ranchers are awake and working during that time. Then they can just move from room to room during the day giving out free hugs.

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