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Rewards and Progression for getting the Drama Acts right

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Keep in mind I haven't tested this much, but mostly looked at information available on guides about the whole setup. If there's something I have missed, please note it down, also feedback on this set of suggestions is also welcome.

The drama act stage fits the game and its aesthetic well and animations and ideas are really executed well here. Love the creepy masked crows that come to judge the acts too. But for an intricately elaborate set of features, there is no functional incentive to engage in it that I can tell other than to get bits of the story and the basics of side act items. But when you've done it once in the game or even just watched a video of it, what benefit is there to do the whole sequence of acts ever again?

We have several bosses and Pearl's Quest to go through in order to get to the Fuel Weaver and the Celestial Champion bosses, giving you the best rewards, while progressing the story. Why not do the same with this? Each time you do an act correctly, some reward should come through, maybe the Stage Hands there could drop some necessary blueprints, guidance information and/or useful rare item or two. Completing the last act successfully would let you progress forward to something later on in the game.

Even if progression items don't have any particular use right now but something for later on, it would be good to incorporate them so as the acts you complete now aren't just a waste of time. Some useful items I can think of right now, would be some fossil fragments being dropped by the stage hands after each act, making the fossils not only renewable this way, but also making the Fuel Weaver boss fight route something more approachable for players who have no idea it even exists. Completing the last act could also drop the Shadow Atrium, so you have two different ways of acquiring it for the fight, as some people do not like fighting so many bosses anyway. Or if you do both, you get to have 2 hearts, meaning you can use 1 for a skeleton to summon on surface or in caves, and the other kept for the Fuel Weaver fight.

EDIT: The above idea actually fits really well. One of the stage hands could each drop a fossil fragment and at the end of the last act, drop a shadow atrium. Since there are 3 acts, each with 3 scenes, this makes 9 plays, 8 of which would be enough for a skeleton and 1 for the heart. You could maybe also double the fossil drop count so there are extra fossils to work with, just in case, or to assemble 2 skeletons along with 1 heart available. Or, The Reunion scene could drop the Shadow Atrium, with all the previous ones dropping fossils, or maybe just an extra Shadow Atrium if you also do this scene.

Since we have recipes for cookbooks it would also be useful to have act information dropped in a similar fashion and dress-up items being indicated within these pages as well. Maybe if you fail an act, the stage hands would drop you some page info if there isn't one nearby so you would have some hints for completing the next act.

It would be annoying to have to do the whole act sequence over and over again to get some rewards from it, so the biggest incentive should be to only do it once per world, but having the option to do it again for players joining late after the whole sequence is done. With the drops mentioned, that would already work, unless you've run out of fossil fragments and they have all been destroyed, but some extra blueprints could also be useful. Honestly, that is probably the best approach you could take with any major piece of content.

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