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The Second Moon of The Constant

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You may know of the Aporkalypse Calendar, it’s used to control the Aporkalypse itself. But have you noticed it’s shape? At the center of the calendar is a table, above this table is a model of what we can assume to be The Constant with a massive star and two celestial satellites orbiting it. I’d like to bring your attention to these satellites in particular, one of them is depicted by a crescent moon meanwhile the other is an orb, like a full moon.



The crescent moon can be assumed to be Alter, as when an Aporkalypse happens, the crescent moon is behind the planet and the Moon Predictor on the Clock UI depicts a Blood Moon, also known as a Total Lunar Eclipse, which occurs when the moon goes behind the planet and turns a reddish hue. Meanwhile, the full moon goes in front of the planet, depicting a Solar Eclipse. In the Hamlet Launch Trailer, you can also see the Aporkalypse being depicted as a Solar Eclipse. 

image.png.107adfe4496f2e9d5c3527fd179dc0ee.png           image.png.11a5405b85cde2884697633dd62b5301.png

So, the Aporkalypse is a simultaneous Solar and Lunar Eclipse and therefore, The Constant has two different moons! And we also know that one of the moons has to be Alter. Then what is the other moon? Well, we don’t know, as Klei has been refusing to give absolutely any lore regarding that poor moon and been heavily focusing on the bright Alter, but I can offer a theory I’ve come up with for the time being. 

I have this idea that the second moon in the calendar is actually a moon made out of shadow. This idea stems from the dichotomy of shadow and lunar throughout Together and from the fact that during a New Moon, you can spawn the Shadow Pieces in the surface, BUT NOT in the caves. When asked about this weird interaction, Joe W. stated that it’s intentional and I think it might have to do with the game’s lore. 

Basically, this shadow moon would slowly overshadow Alter as the moon cycle went along, until completely covering Them for one night during the New Moon. During this phase, the shadow moon would use Alter’s powers to carefully manipulate a few statues in The Constant. This would mean that one moon would be giving off its own light meanwhile the other would be absorbing light, adding onto this dichotomy between lunar and shadow.

However this really is mostly speculation, as we currently don’t have enough lore on the second moon (Klei, please!). Some things can’t be explained well or simply don’t fit well together yet. Most notably, the fact that the shadow on Gibbous moons and Half moons on the Moon Predictor could definitely not be caused by an orb-shaped celestial body.  


Personally, I hold onto this because I think it could still work if we simply got more lore on this second moon. Perhaps by being made of pure shadow it would mold to form around the Alter in particular due to Their unique properties as is apparently shown off in one of the murals: 


But we simply don’t have the enough information on this so it’s still pretty much all speculation at this point. This is just the best I could do to try to understand everything we’ve been presented so far, and hopefully if we get more lore on this, we could work together to get the full picture! Let me know your thoughts.

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Forgot to provide images for Lunar and Solar Eclipse and found out that the second moon is invisible during Solar Eclipse as well. (Also formatting issues)
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