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Ventilation Cheatsheet

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I used to have one of these but I lost track of it, so I made a new one. You don't really need something like this if you understand how bridges work, but I find it handy as a personal reminder to not just shove a new gas source into the nearest pipe and hope it ends up somewhere vaguely useful.



  • Gas goes to the primary consumers first, then the secondaries, then the in-line reservoir and finally the high pressure gas vent. If it builds up any further, it will be vented to space.
  • Gas will be taken first from the scavenging line, then the machine byproducts, then geysers, then the inline reservoir. The powered gas pump in the gas battery is only used if absolutely necessary.
  • The gas crusher attached to the scavenging line is not for gas backing up (unless the vent to space somehow gets blocked): it is for trace elements not included in the filters (eg. sour gas).
  • A low-urgency notification is triggered when the battery gets low (by detecting that the in-line reservoir is empty and that gas pressure in the battery is low), and a high-urgency notification is triggered when the base completely runs out of gas (by detecting that natural gas is no longer backed up in the pipe leading to the consumers).

This template will work for any element, not just natural gas: just replace the producers and consumers as appropriate.

The tiles mod is True Tiles.

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