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Don't Starve Together Hotfix Patch 2.57 - 10/21/2022 (PlayStation)

  • Fixed a crash related to the Buzzard.
  • Fixed a crash when scrolling through world presets.
  • Fixed a typo in the Philosopher’s Stone description.
  • Fixed Walter’s Lunar Scout Cap having a missing inventory icon.
  • Fixed an issue with player idle animations causing backpacks to pop.
  • Fixed Wanda’s Diviner Dress having an invisible torso and showing upper arm skin.
  • Fixed Wanda’s Chunky Moonrock Bracelets having the wrong character affinity.
  • Fixed Walter’s Moonbound head always having a hat on.
  • Fixed Walter’s Lunar Scout Boots not showing the boots of its namesake.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s Lune Root Legs feet drawing behind the legs.
  • Fixed Abigail’s Moonbound flower having missing inventory icons.
  • Fixed Wolfgang’s upper arms going invisible with some clothing setups.
  • Fixed layering in Wurststool Costume.
  • Fixed some descriptions for Moonbound shop chests.
  • Fixed missing minimap icons for the Nightshade Wormhole and the Slimy Wormhole.

Note for Xbox players, the patch is almost ready but will take a little bit longer. We are hoping to have the patch ready for Xbox early next week. Thank you for your patience.

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