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Questions about offline mode

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Skins have been added to the offline world in recent updates. and I have a question.
What are the differences between the online and offline world now?
Being online, I can also make a LAN, so the need to separate the worlds is gone.
If the player is offline, then the worlds that he will run will be set to LAN only by default.
I have a couple of worlds that I play and would like to be able to continue playing them even if I don't have internet access.
Now I can run the world that I made offline while online but not vice versa.

Can do like this:
- In offline mode, a notification will pop up:
while you are offline, you will not receive gifts and players will be able to connect to you only via LAN.
- When you go online, you simply start the world in the LAN or change it to public.
- Starting the online world while offline you will have a message of 1 point.

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