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feature request: eating speed not by calories but by mass.

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Hey guys, I wanted to ask if that can be changed, (or at least disclose a way for mods to do this)
it feels like a guy eating a 1.5KG of meal lice should take longer than eating the same calorie count but taken from 250 grams of barbecue.
I know this was done for balancing, but it feels wrong. I feel like it would introduce another incentive for high quality foods and would positively pressure people to go for best foods.
If I can suggest further changes, I would make dupes top out on eating 1KG of food per sitting (maybe even mixed foods, like 300g of leftover barbecue, and 700g fish because that's what is left in the fridge), not limiting their max calorie intake.
In this scenario, dupes eating barbecue would end up with something like 7k calories after eating, which would mean their next downtime would be spent fully on fun, not on eating 150g of barbecue for 30 seconds...
Otherwise, there would be no changes, they would still eat at downtime if they calories are under 2700 and/or go right now, if it's under 1000 regardless of their current schedule.

It would make an interesting situation where ravenous hunger would make meal lice dupes eat almost 4 times per day, which will be interesting challenge
it would also make another idea for trait, where they would take more (maybe 1.5kg) each serving, and less (maybe 0.5kg) each time they eat. Binge eater + small servings would be less dangerous for the colony, while one that eat a lot at one sitting would end up having 40 000kcal inside, so he might survive the whole rocket trip without additional food.

All other stress reactions have negative and positive, I feel, dupe is out of work, but produces water/polluted water. While binge-eating is just raging though your food supply, having no upsides (unless you want to tick Locavore/Carnivore)

as always I am open to hear thoughts 


PS. add stress reaction, Hide in bed as well.

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