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Wooden wall and Clay wall:3

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Nah with iron game would become more interesting - gathering ore - then smelting then - making shape for example - special anvil to make iron tools :) gold is too unlogic and eacy - u make tools with gold without any processing - trust me i will never give and idiotic ideas


you just got used to gold - long years with gold - i know its look strange but game must evolve with comunity  - i know othere game were comunity were nagging on everything where devs listened everytime to them - result was stagnation of game about 5 years


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no problem gold may stay in game but it would be more logic to use in electrisity cause golden wires are the most quility compare to copper - also copper in dst would be also good :D - there so much stuff to add in game i can suggest lots of interesting stuff to the devs for game

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