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Suggestions/feedback for turf-raiser and some other things

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First of all, thanks to the developers! This is a great QoL update! Several of my wishes have come true in this update. It's like Christmas has come early.

Here's my feedback and suggestions for some new content, mainly on the Turf-Raiser Hat, which has some details that need tweaking to improve the experience:

  • When the player puts on the Turf-Raiser Hat, the hat immediately changes the turf underneath the player. As a hat, when it  be made or picked up from the ground, if the character is not equipped with a hat, the character will immediately put it on, often causing an unexpected Turf change. It would be better if this could be removed.
  • When the hat is placed in the player's inventory, the player cannot replace the turf in it by giving it Turf. Combined with the above, this makes sure that the hat, when used, replaces the ground under the character's feet with unwanted ground. It would be nice if players can replace the turf when the hat on their inventory.
  • Following on from the previous point, the hat can trigger a replacement immediately when it is placed on the player's head and the player change the turf in it, as the player is usually ready to replace the turf, or ready to correct the unexpected Turf replacement, thus eliminating an "off this tile and back" operation.
  • Turf-Raiser Hat is obviously intended for a large area of turf replacement, but after the ground in the hat has been used up, people tend to keep walking until they find themselves starting to be replaced with non-turf ground. It would be nice if the hat would automatically restock the same kind of turf in its inventory when the turf in it is depleted, and have the character quote remind when this kind of turf is completely depleted.

Other things:

  • There is a Loading Tips for endless mode, but now that the "game mode" is gone, maybe it could be a tip that leads the player into the world setting to change the settings.
  • The original Wilderness mode is now a "change survivor" in the Survivor Death setting, but it's not just change survivor. The number of survival days, map and unlock recipes are all cleared. A description like "starting over in the world" would be more appropriate.
  • If we end up with an item-shaped Playbill, can it be put into Wickerbottom's Bookcase? After all, it looks like a book, and I'm just a little bit of a collector.
  • Currently all masks can be used as fuel, but costumes cannot be used as fuel... Oddly, it would be more logical if they could all be used as fuel, as well as making it easier for players to destroy excess performance items.
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