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Biome specific hunts suggestion

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This idea comes through my experience playing on public servers where things like extinct beefalos and lack of pig skin sources can happen more often due to more players doing their own thing. How can we remedy a sudden lack of beefalos on the map or no pigs/pig skin sources (and other biome specific creatures like tallbirds etc?  By adding choice to Hunts with biome specific hunts. Instead of 1 suspicios dirt pile you can find 2 and the old suspicious dirt pile remains unchanged and the new one has a different color maybe white or some other easily distiguishable color. The new suspicious dirt pile works exactly the same but it takes you deeper into the biome it spawns in and it prioritizes "extinct creatures/spawners". Some quotes can say things like: " It appears new nesting ground for this creature has emerged!"

Biome hunt examples at the end of a trail :

-Rocky biomes/mosaic biome 2-4 Tallbirds with nests and eggs. lower chance for 5+grass geckos. 

-Savannah biomes: 1-2 Beefalos in heat ready to attack the player. OR 1-2 untameable ornery beefalo in heat (50% more damage and faster attack period). Ornery tendency resets to regular after herd repopulates.  Lower chance to spawn 4-8 rabbits and rabbit holes in mornining time and. Rare chance to spawn 2-4 rabbit hutches (break 2-4 to build 1-2 elsewhere) with bunnymen/beardlords during dusk/night time. Normal aggro rules apply (they become hostile if carrying meat). Now you can have rabbit hutches in worlds without caves.

-Deciduous forest: 2 "elite werepigs"  that drop 1 meat but 4 pigskin each OR 4 regular werepigs since they  drop 1 pigskin each (enough to build 1 pig house). Rare chance to spawn 2 gem deers (like the ones from the Klaus fight), ready to attack the player.

2-4 catcoon dens with angry catcoons ready to attack the player. and a lower chance to spawn 2-4+ moleworm burrows. (good for non-cave worlds and to force respawning moleworms)

-Grassland biomes: 2-4 regular beehives OR 4-8 killer beehives ready to attack the player. lower chance to spawn in rabbits at morning and moleworms at dusk and night. 

-Forest/mandrake forest/ moonstone forest biome: 2 "elite werepigs/ guard pigs/guard-werepigs"  that drop 1 meat but 4 pigskin each OR 4 regular werepigs since they  drop 1 pigskin each (enough to build 1 pig house). 2-4 treeguards OR 1-2 totally normal trees guarded by 2 tall treeguards. Rare chance to spawn 1-3 mandrakes that are uprooted if found during dusk/night  but with increased sanity drain OR turns they put you into 0 sanity until you defeat them or some other wacky drawback if its too generous.

Maybe also add a chance for an out of season Mactusk to spawn in this biome but with extra hounds or something wacky if its too generous.

-Marsh/Swamp biome: 2 merm houses/ 2 spider dens surrounded by 1-4 (or more) tentacles.  Rare chance to spawn a failed survivor with 5+  cut reeds/ tentacle spot/ tentacle spike and other biome specific resoruces. 

-Oasis desert: Chance to spawn 1-2 regular volt goats with a rare chance to spawn 1-2 charged volt goats ready to attack the player (summons rain).

-Dragonfly desert Chance to spawn 1-4 hound mounds. Rare chance to spawn seasonal hounds.

-Lunar island: uuh havent played much in here but unique and rare to find mobs/resources can be added here in the -same style as described. Rare chance to spawn 1-4 lunar mushgnomes in the surface.

-Mon Quay Island: Is there enough room to make a hunt here? I'm not sure what to add here so add a chance to spawn regular monkey houses or surface splurmonkeys maybe even nightmare ones.

-Any biome that spawns clockworks: Super rare chance to find mechanical footprints (unique hunt tracks) in all biomes that spawns 1-3 clockworks/elite clockworks (knight with extra hp, extra range bishop, speedier rook) ready to attack the player.

-Seafaring: Bubbling spot/suspicious bubbling spot: hunts in the sea: chance to spawn narwails, sharks, pirates, fig tress, cookie cutters etc. I'm not much of a sailer in this game so Sea players can improve on this suggestion.

-Caves: uuuh add hunts in caves? maybe add the clockwork hunts in the ruins area with 1-3 broken clockworks added per hostile broken clockwork. maybe add them too since caves only is a thing and it would be good to spawn beefalos and pigs in caves-only worlds.

The reason why mobs are set ready to attack the player is because they have been driven to extintion and they have evolved to defend themselves from players, and also its a hunt or be hunted scenario. This hunt has a risk/reward element implemented so that its not a freebie and to give some way of regenerating/respawning unique mobs with some optional miniboss fights. This also provides the player with extra choices if they decide to go for a hunt and also to encourage "hunting parties with multiple players".

I know its a lengthy post, but i'd love to see this implemented in some way in the future. Any suggestions to add to this concept would be welcome.




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Thanks! There are definitely some great ideas that the community can come up with. In your case, I can see the wildboars and foxes can easily fit into their own events, or even sneak them in to existing events, like boars for the year of the pig king and the fox for its own event or a year of the catcoon, to like add a counterpart to it. 

I'm thinking about maybe look into modding if it's not too difficult to do, just to have a more concrete example of it. Who knows what these ideas might turn into?


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