Crafting Means and Beetles

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Everybody likes crafting: it's easy, intuitive, rewarding and worthwhile. But we all have to thank devs for balancing the game out in a way that makes these characteristics actually manifest, and it's not a simple task.

Well, I'd like to see one adjective gone from my previous list: does the crafting really have to be easy? In a game like Don't Starve, the answer shall be no. Wait a second, you may add, but it isn't! You have to collect lots of resources and unlock certain items' crafting by throwing away your best belongings! To me, this isn't so damn hard, honestly. Resources are pretty much everywhere (even silk or honey aren't a pain to obtain, if you know what you're doing) and you also keep your RPs from previous playtroughts.

Thus, let me intruduce the Crafting Means, a wonderful, fresh-baked idea right out of my villainous mind.

The Crafting Means (whose name is less than interim) are required in order to craft certain items and, when they have some sort of durability, they may wear it out. Not only they make more challenging previously easy tasks(like starting a fire) but they also open new possibilities in the refining sector. Hereinafter I list a brief list of applications for this innovative mechanic:

  • Campfire/Fire pit/Torch: A flint and a stone (or two flints, if that's too much for late birds) is needed in order to make the magic happen. Or you could just use your teeth, Turner.
  • Science Machine: A pickaxe and an axe are required for the making of this arcane and bottomless son of(wait for it) Science!
  • Farms: Unless you want to get your nice little hands all dirty, you better take your shovel out. No, I don't want to know where you were keeping that smelly spade.
  • Planks: Without an axe, tearing logs apart with your bare hands is a brave yet dumb deed. This isn't Minecraft, sweetheart!
  • Cut Stones: Guessed it, you need a pick for these. What, did you aspect to cut them via telekinesis? Next thing you'll tell me is Yoda autographed your lightsaber.
  • Flint, Stone and Gold Nuggets: Thanks to your loyal beetle, you can now smash tentacle spikes down to their rocky core: why did you think they were so good at beating baddies up?

And finally, what everyone has (or hasn't) been waiting for...

The Majestic Beetle

A beetle needs eight (you heard it) cut stones, two ropes and a whole log to be made. Unlocking it may also cost you an insane ammount of thrown scrap. So, what are the peculiarities that make it so worth your resources?

  • deals slightly more damage than a spear;
  • can be used to break "buildings" down to their crafting materials(not without great losses, of course);
  • hits multiples enemies when used in combat;
  • has a really long smashing animation;
  • draws smaller enemies back;
  • drastically slows you down when having it equipped(unless you're the stately Wolfgang);
  • smashes rocks faster than a golden pickaxe(although that may wear out a great deal of its durability).

I understand how a weapon of this kind could hardly find any popularity what so ever, due to some of his overpowered aspects, but it breaks (along with bones) all of the most successful tactics in combat. It's a really specific weapon, thought to face hordes of spiders, groups of frogs and families of bunnies. Over that, you better have some armor on when you use it, since there's no dodge option this time.

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