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Mod Request: Remove Vomit

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Hey guys! My significant other has intense emetophobia and loves the game, but the vomiting makes it... almost unplayable for them. I looked at the modding guide and quickly realized I'd be in over my head if I tried to get rid of vomiting without breaking the game, and haven't had luck in finding any pre-existing mod that would do the same thing. Can anyone help out? Thank you so much in advance!

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Another possible solution would be to use the mod DGSM: Duplicant generation settings manager.  This can help you to change stress responses for dupes to something other than stress vomiter.  I agree with Pether, above, that turning down settings for radiation may be the only available solution for radiation sickness at the moment.  You may want to avoid starting asteroids with crashed satellites and high surface radiation as well. Best of luck.    

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