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I'm wondering how people might feel about having the research machine maybe tell you a little bit about the item you throw in. Maybe it could tell you something about how it can be used in the outside world? For example if you throw in a carrot it could say one of a few things like "Can be cooked" or "Can be used as bait"

It's not exactly because I had trouble finding things like that out on my own but it just seems a little strange that a research machine does nothing more than give you a few points when you put in an item.

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I wouldn't be against the idea... I admit I already had a leg-up because I became interested in Don't Starve after watching a Let's Play video series. Man the guy in the Let's Play died a lot... and I learned from it. He also died in ways I would never have died... so there's that too. I had to show him how to do it right (figuratively). ;)

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Well even the machine saying something like "Traps catch rabbits" or "gold nuggets are shiny" or even "Carrots are vegetables" would be fine. It's not that I want the machine to help me with what it does necessarily I just think a research machine would let you learn more about what you put in.

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