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More Control over petrification

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For one of the future QOLS i would appreciate the petrification mechanic been sort of tweaked.

Petrified trees are the only good way to farm niter and flint end game, but i would also like to be able to decor with evergreens on my base. Therefore i think its resonable to ask a way to prevent it from happening.

Maybe we could fertilize the ground with tree jam to make an area in which trees dont petrified, maybe add and item that triggers petrification instead of naturally occuring. As long as we get to plant tress in different turfs and they not petrifying i will be more than satisfied.

(On a side note and related to this topic i would also like a way to stop the tree cicle and keep them in one stage, again for decoration)

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Deliberate petrification would be cool. It's like creating statues, which, by the way, don't change size. But the only way to get them is to plant trees in a certain place and wait, hoping that they will petrify at the right stage, and this can take a really long time, so it's clearly not the most... convenient idea for decoration. Petrifying or changing evergreen to a lumpy version in a pot for a festive tree would also be super cool. We have these moon potions that swap any plants and animals for their lunar island equivalents, and a clean sweeper for purely decorative skins, so I don't see why adding something similar would be a problem.

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2 minutes ago, Lokena said:

which, by the way, don't change size. 

I was refering for a way to lock natural evergreens in one stage of ther growth cicle, i know the christmas pot preserve them at the last stage but sometimes it doesnt fit with the biome

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