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World generation setting idea

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What if add more advanced setting for world generation like chosing to add or remove biome as you want - for example to make world only grassland, forest, desert and etc? cool i think + add option to create ur world using items of worldgen ( for exaple u are invinsible wich can be on or off to bee invinasible and fly (fly mod can be changed from normall to x2 , x3 ,x4, x5 faster? world wich created is ocean and you can place the land block of grassland turf forest turf and etc - then you can place nature decoration like berrie bushes grass-twigs suppling, trees boulder and others , in shortly full world editor for those who for example dont whant the standart PC automatic random world generation (if what i will add more in this comment)

PS. will there be added sonsole command of setting day survived setting to zero? or stop this timer when you created new world (when its only ocean for self map building) ? i couldnt find any command to set day survived for exmaple from 10 to zero (includes survivors day survived and world age)! write ur opinions what do u think )) :D  and also fix bug with empty feild for cave entrance when the caves set off!

will the world generation not to be ugly spider silk form? its looks ugly - why not to be the whole continent?

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