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Shell Bumper Kits should reduce the amount of damage Crab King's Claws do to the boat

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Shell Bumpers are good for exploring and general sailing, but I feel they would be better if they had the ability to also directly reduce the amount of claw damage done to the boat. Not only would this open up more strat flexibility as a player might be more willing to use the gems that buff the claws if they were reassured that they're boat had more leeway with the amount of claws that can be attachedĀ as each one would be less significant. It would also help the Crab King fight in general as I always felt that some of the difficulty with Crab King's healing move (besides the amount gotten and frequency of it) was that you also had to fight off the claws while he's healing. This not only makes it so that it's more likely some heals slip through as the weather pains are so inconsistent, that they might not be able to fully get rid of the heal in time. With the bumper damage reduction, it allows for a lot more ease in the fight as you can (possibly) take the time to properly deal with the heals as the Claws won't immediately destroy the boat in a few prolonged seconds like they do now.

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