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[Feedback] Mod Character Power

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I haven't started work on them yet, however, I have plans to make a character that can "upgrade" a permanent aura by consuming gems, slightly inspired by WX's gears upgrades. This character instead gets a new effect to their aura for each gem they consume, 10 gems of each maximum, until the auras are fully maxed out.

Red Gem: Damage Increase aura, up to +20%.
Blue Gem: Damage Resistance aura, up to +20%.
Purple Gem: Sanity Regen aura, up to 5 per minute.
Orange Gem: Hunger Reduction aura, up to -20%.
Yellow Gem: Movement Speed aura, up to +20%.
Green Gem: Health Regen aura, up to 2 per minute.
Iridescent Gem: No idea currently. Might not get used.

Looks strong on paper, but their base stats are low (100/100/150), the aura's size is dependant on their current sanity, and 10 gems of each are, I imagine, quite the endeavor to accumulate.

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