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[Modding/Dev] Add new function like SetHatOffset, but it works for any symbol and can be used for different symbols at the same time if possible

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SetHatOffset function added in the latest update is so great it allows for moving the hat for characters to make it fit their heads more perfectly.

It would be awesome for us modders if you guys can also add a new function if possible that allows something like this but instead of being locked to just hat it can be used on any symbol we choose and we could use it multiple times instead of just being able to use it once like SetMultiSymbolExchange which can only be used once unfortunately..


I might as also suggest in this same place a function like this but instead of changing the position of a symbol it allows you to scale the symbol would be INCREDIBLE too!


It would provide so much utility for modders and maybe even Klei can find use for it as well! :D

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