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Friendly Fruit Fly perhaps a little TOO friendly?

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Anyone else annoyed by the Friendly Fruit Fly? Seems every time I plant anything, that thing can't wait to get in my way, preventing me from placing anything else until I've either shoved it out of the way (disrupting alignment and spacing), or requiring me to carry the Friendly Fruit Fly Fruit a screen away and bring it back after I'm done. It's hard to consider it much of a boon when its troublesome behavior is at times no less tedious to deal with than simply tending the plants yourself.

I think it'd really help matters a lot if it had an aversion to plants and tilled soil that a player is close to, thus keeping it out of the way of any players working in the garden. Critters could benefit from such a modification too, that being the main reason I stopped using in-game pets.

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Thanks heaps, that is useful, though I'd still hope Klei can put a kind of fix for friendlies crowding players in the suggestions box. It's no longer a critical issue for me thanks to that mod, but it'd still be nice to think Klei could work on a more effective fix should they find themselves short on anything more substantial to work on.

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