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Alternate seasons

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The next idea of the newest mad man on the forums. 

Alternate seasons have a chance to replace normal seasons. They add more potential challenges to surviving and add new content. This would make the game more uncompromising (for people who are in to that) and are a way of adding new content to the seasons without stuffing everything in the 4 current ones. These would only be able to exist in the second or third year. I've already thought of some:


Drought season:

An alternate version of summer. 

Ponds on the surface will dry out, farm plants can wither (5% chance for every growth stage) and function the same as other withered plants. 

Beetles can also spawn near dried out lakes and fly in swarms (not like gnats from Hamlet, more like pengulls). They usually choose to fly in one direction and have a zigzag path. If they fly over trees the will instantly revert to their dead state and collapse after a bit, leaving no loot. If they fly over crops they will kill them, leaving rot. They are passive to the player but standing near them will cause an overlay of crawling beetles to appear on screen. Attacking them will do nothing to them and will cause the overlay to turn more extreme nearly blocking the whole screen and cause the beetles to flee the other direction for a short amount of time. The only way to kill them is to set them on fire (setting even one on fire will spread through the entire swarm) but this comes with a risk as the panicking beetles will set everything around them on fire before the die. Maybe one could also freeze them? 

If too many of these beetles are left in a close proximity they will join together to form a humanoid boss creature that replaces the antlion (that means no more sinkholes) in this season. It will attack by either doing a swarm attack like the shadow bishop or smash it's arm down on the player. There is a short period between attacks that the swarm will do a twirl similar to what the butterflies do. One can use this opportunity to set it on fire. It will try to put itself out and eventually succeed but rinse and repeat and the swarm will eventually die. In this case the swarm will drop a ton of (cooked) monster meat and a couple charred beetle wings that can be crafted into an anti-wildfire flier, which can detect a nearby wildfires and will fly over to it to extinguish them. It will also detect any nearby withering plants. Note that it will require more fuel then an ice flingomatic.


In a nutshell: no water (like winter), more withering, beetle swarms and beetle boss, no antlion.


Hurricane season:

An alternate version of spring.

It rains a bit more.

The oceans have turned rougher with small natural spawning waves in deeper waters.

Additionally [insert creative name] monsters in the form of blobs of kelp with stub arms can get washed on shore or on boat. These are hostile to the player and will split into smaller kelp blobs when killed. The smallest will drop (you guessed it) bull kelp and bull kelp stalks. Maybe they could be called kelp bulls but they don't really resemble bulls... 

Anyways, one last feature, tornadoes. These will randomly spawn during storms and wreak having on everything in their path, picking everything up that remains on the ground and throws it around. It can even scatter structures but before a structure is picked up it gets "tugged" by the tornado which acts like an indicator so players can hold them down (Wolfgang can do this more efficiently). 

To keep tornadoes away from your base are be notified when one is near craft the storm siren with gears and a beefalo horn. It can be placed as well as held in a players inventory. The storm siren will ring faintly when a new tornado spawns in the world, make a steady ringing noise when one is close, and ring wildly when a tornado is headed in it's direction. Additionally it will attract tornadoes to it and they will even follow players with it in their inventory! Use it to relocate tornadoes to a safer place.


In a nutshell: rougher ocean, kelp monsters, tornadoes and tornado indicator/relocator.


PS I did NOT steal this idea from cefoperazone, I just thought of something similar...



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Across DS, DS Shipwrecked, DS Hamlet, DST, DST Gorge & DST Forge there are tons of unique mechanics, mobs, biomes, resources, weather effects and more.

I would love it if someday we had more seasons pulled from or inspired by all of them.

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