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Several interesting challenges about AFW

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As for AFW Boss, it's really a great design.
I sorted out some of its challenges, maybe someone are interested in discussing it!

1. speedrun

This kind of live challenge is a great test of comprehensive ability.The record of this challenge has been refreshed many times, which is the most popular challenge.
Koreanwaffles is the first person kill the weaver in 21 days!
The reason why this discovery is remarkable is that it gives the meaning of the challenge itself and the possibility of continuous challenges.Why this challenge is widely accepted, I think it is inseparable from this discovery and a variety of innovative play for subsequent challengers based on this discovery.

2. bone cage dodge technique

In addition to weapons and armor, the equipment required for the conventional method of killing ancient weavers usually includes weather pains, nightmare amulet, lazy explorer, queen crown, or related substitutes, which are used for the corresponding skills of the weaver.So, reducing the type of equipment become a mainstream exploration direction.Among them, the discovery of bone cage dodge technique is undoubtedly very dazzling.
"探索者深蓝" is the first one to fully explain the principle of the skill and demonstrate this play.
This play starts from the study of the skill of AFW Boss to crack the skill of bone cage, which is different from using the lazy explorer to jump out after the skill.This discovery makes it possible to kill AFW gracefully without injury.

3. Minimum laps kill

The so-called "lap" means that in the second stage AFW base its HP less than 10000, it will release the unseen hand and enter the invincible state, then if you want to clear the unseen hand, you probably have to walk around the red circle.The simple understanding is that the laps is equal to the number of times the Weaver is invincible.
Fewer laps means advantages in time, consumption and risk, but you need to have a deep understanding of boss skills.
This challenge can be classified as quick kill.

4. Zero spirit challenge
It is undoubtedly the top challenge, which usually has no equipment such as weather pains and nightmare amulets.In the case of zero spirit, we need to face the mind control skill of the AFW boss and the attack of shadow monsters.
The form of challenge can change slightly. For example, Guille use cooked cacti to complete this challenge, and applied this method in speedrun.So the zero spirit challenge is not impractical.

Next, let's extend these challenges a little.

1. AFW speedrun is closely related to the map. But when the map is set, the strategy used by the challenger is crucial and also the most interesting.
   The fastest time for this challenge has reached 9 days. How many days do you think the limit is?
   For this challenge, in addition to the refresh of the challenge days,  innovative playing methods and different roles are also wonderful.

2. About bone cage dodge technique, no damage with 1.0-speed and non weather pains  is undoubtedly the end of the challenge series.

3. Quick killing can also extend many challenges. is it possible to kill the weaver in one lap?

4. According to my current understanding of the AFW Boss, if no lazy explorer, 0 spirit harmless challenge can only passively rely on luck, because if you are under mind control and the shadow monster just appears, you can do nothing at the time. Therefore, excluding the role and other factors, 0 spirit harmless challenge, it is necessary to allow the use of lazy explorer to get rid of control.
   Based on this condition, in theory, Wolfgang can achieve the challenge ( weapon and lazy explorer,  lazy explorer only used to get rid of control ).

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