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I need help with character creation...

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I have 2 characters that I am currently modeling, but I could not provide them with the features I wanted. I will be glad if you can help me with the coding.

What I want to do; 

      1) I want to give my character Willow's Bernie toy. I would like to give the same, but it would be better if there is open code or something that I can model.

      2) I want to give my character an ax like Rengoku's sword. (I tried this using resources but only got error)

      3) This is not required, but is it possible for two characters to increase their health or sanity when they get close to each other? if possible how can we code?

      4) Finally, can we adjust a favorite meal (eg. meatballs) to give my character more health and hunger?

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Hello there brother/sister in christ, I am by no means an expert but i can help with the 4th-

    Add this to your master_postinit function:

    inst.components.foodaffinity:AddPrefabAffinity("meatballs", TUNING.AFFINITY_15_CALORIES_HUGE)

    It should do the job.

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