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  1. What you're suggesting sounds logical how can I write that tho? code-wise
  2. So my character is almost ready but i want to implement only one last mechanic in order to make it balanced. My character is able to eat the elemental food type (like rocks), I want to make it so that if the character doesn't eat at least one item of the elemental food type its hunger rate doubles until he does, will yall help me figure out how that can be done?... Because I have no idea hehe Thanks in advance
  3. THANKS SO SO MUCH, it worked instantly and helped me so much. I also used another topic to change each prefabs' bonuses and this is shaping up to be great, thank you so much!
  4. I'm making a character mod and i want it to be able to consume rocks and flint it picks up. I know there's a Topic like this already but I'm very new to lua and modding DST altogether, so, if anyone would be so kind as to help and explain bit by bit how this can be done, it'll be much appreciated... :3