Klei I beg you to make these changes to Walter.

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Here we go again, I'm main Walter, I play other characters, but I'm always ending playing Walter, what can I say, I love how sanity works on him and a free Chester is cool too, but that's all. The slingshot is a mess, and Woby isn't special.
There are a lot of people complaining about Walter, that he is the worst character, just a Wilson with a free Chester, that he is a failed attempt at a ranged character, and it hurts me because most of them are right.
I saw how Klei made a "second touch" to some characters like Wolfgang and Wurt that looks awesome right now, and recently I saw one of my requests added to the game, yes, the Big Woby munch animation. So I let you here my suggestions:
  • Make Walter shoot his slingshot faster while he is riding Woby to make some synergy between his perks and a good reason to use Big Woby in battles.
  • Fix some of his ammo:
  1. Poop pellets don't aggro near enemies when hit. (Done, thanks Klei)
  2. Freeze round freezes enemies that are close to each other.
  3. Slow Down rounds increase attack cooldown too.
  4. Cursed rounds spawn the bats of shadow bishop instead of shadow tentacles.
  • Changing some of big Woby hunger-speed numbers, making her better to kite:


These are solid changes that I think will fix Walter, but I also have little suggestions less important, like making Woby transforms into Big Woby when full moon, while riding Big Woby she takes the damage to the hit only buck you off, Woby won't fall from a boat when pushed out, and add more campfire stories for Walter.
Thanks for your time, if you have any questions let me know, and I hope someone in Klei could take a look at this.
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