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i think walter has potential to be one of the most fun characters but feels like half baked and kinda underwhelming. With some deepness can be an appealing choice



the slingshot should be better, maybe not becoming his main weapon but atleast a non niche tool. Instead of just holding F to do autoaimed damage we should be able to aim like how we aim canons or dart skill in the forge which would feel rewarding and funnier. The damage from melty marbles, marble and thulecite rounds should be increased to atleast 100 damage which, with the aiming change, opens the possibility of doing great things like shotting an elemental hound on movement if we perform correctly

since we aim we should be able to fire as fast as we can perform the shot instead of having such long animation which leads to have rounds like the freezing ones being worst that ice staffs which makes no sense

purple gem rounds should also reduce enemy atack speed and the speed debuff be more noticeable to be worth such "expensive" recipe

poop rounds should be more effective like isolating the target because being smelly instead of the player being aggroed by entire herds




having just bee allergy feels like an excuse to make the player suffer while fighting beequeen in an unnecesary way. With the damage change this would change and i like having a boy scout that loves nature but has allergies so instead of removing this weird downside i think expand it would be better and can lead to silly situations.

More allergies for the boyscout:  walter should have allergy to flowers and weeds which. How can this be performed? maybe bringing back hamlets sneezing animation when he picks a flower or a weed. Also firenettles should should deal more damage. Maybe he could sneez few times per spring (doesnt need to drop items like in hamlet, just something to add charisma to the character)

A lot of people has allergies to mosquitoes or spiders so lets add it to walter


this shouldnt be game changer but something nice to give more personality to walter, laugh while playing him and justify such weird bee related downside


is a scout


scouts learn how to survive in the wilds and for that they have some skill while harvesting and tools. Maybe he could have a swiss knife that makes him pick grass and twigs faster or just having that perk as a passive without the need of an item

he should craft ropes faster. Other survival related items could be added to this fast crafting like birdtraps, tents, etc


and for last i think woby big form should last a little more, is kinda annoying how fast you lose top speed. People already rush beefalos as walter so this change wont mean nothing but a good qol change

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i agree with the slightshot, one of its biggest drawbacks is not just the damage but the speed at which it starts attacking making it a terrible range weapon at times, i rather aim it than having to deal with the slugish animation to even start the first shot

as for his scout nature, it makes zero sense for woby to be worse than a beefalo for him, just make it so instead of sending walter to the air when hit, woby will run away from the monster when attack, and refuse to get close again for a determined amount of time as follow:

Walter gets hit by a spider, takes damage, woby will start moving away from said spider, and while you can control the direction after a few seconds, trying to return to the location of the spider will not be possible, woby will be compel to run away, walter can however dismount at any point and wait for woby to calm down.

second, walter should be able to craft maps without a cartographers table, and while riding woby, have extra movement speed when moving on unexplored territory (he craves adventure)

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