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i noticed that when playing Wormwood its very difficult to stay healthy so i was thinking how about a type of compost maker BACKPACK!!! it would look kinda like a small beer keg on straps and would sorta "cook" the things over time like the normal compost maker does BUT this makes it so you will ALWAYS have minor heals on hand for WORMWOOD. it would have go in the backpack slot and have a slot in it to hold up to a full 40 stack of finished compost. maybe have 4 extra slots for non compost items so it can slightly function as a beltpack because of the lack of a normal backpack.

also i think that WORMWOOD should get a lightbulb or glowberry to sprout from his head vine when he eats one so he can get a extra light source in caves or above ground just like HUTCH. maybe add a small bit of armor to the mining helmet, like 5 or 10 so fight in the dark are less of a clusterfrick. its not much armor but it helps just a bit. also can we get the ability to turn mining helmets and boat lights on and off to save power so as to not waste a crap ton of materials? like seriously somebody made a mod for the Mining helmets that you just right click on it to turn on/off and that would be great for the boat and hats too!!! that NEEDS to be in the game! 

sorry again for the lack of pictures or drawings but i got ideas but no footage or art talent so all i got is words for you guys. keep up the great work Klei and please stay safe in these troubled times!!!

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