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New turf lack of random sign noun strings

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Quick review, when you're building a sign or a guidepost, you can click on the "random" button, and the game randomly generates a text by a list of nouns, adjectives and addition. such as "Perfectly Normal Badlands  of Loneliness" or "Small Bog infested with Monsters." The noun depends on the turf below the sign, and each turf has several strings to choose from.

These strings are located at line 12505 of strings.lua, you can see it very clearly after developers completed ANR, they seemed to forget that this feature existed. No noun string is written for new turf. When you use this feature in moon Island or Ocean or Archives, you get a single default noun string -- "forest". In addition, the cave turf noun string also seems to be in an unfinished state, all the natural cave turf, including the ruins of the turf only have the string "cave".



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