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MOD REQUEST: Stress Alert

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I was playing ONI (spaced out), when I realized one of my supposedly stable colonies with a surplus of food production was starving.  Apparently, there was a spill or ice melt and all my dupes were constantly sopping wet, but I was unaware of this because I hadn't looked at this colony in a long time.  The colony was falling apart, with destructive dupes breaking tiles everywhere (breaking infinite gas storage and morale rooms) and binge eaters constantly binge eating.  Given the state of the colony at this time, this stress was to be expected.  However, there were no warnings at all from the game that this was happening until I got a starvation warning, meaning it is almost certainly too late to save them.  The only "concern" from the UI was "breathability," which was absolutely not a problem.  I can't constantly be looking at all my colonies

This could all have been prevented very easily with a simple mop command, but I had no warning that there was a problem that required my attention.

I would like the ability to monitor the stress (and other statuses) on all my asteroids from the main UI from any asteroid.  It would be nice if I could get warnings if a dupe gains too.  I have multiple ideas for what this would look like:

  1. The stress icon on the top of the screen says max stress on asteroid also shows max stress overall.
  2. I get an alert whenever a dupe on any asteroid is approaching max stress (~95%).
  3. I get an alert whenever a dupe's stress gain is above a threshold.
  4. I get an alert for Binge Eater or Destructive dupes no matter what they are doing.
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