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Building interaction hotkeys

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It would be a big QOL improvement (IMO) if there were some hotkeys available for interacting with buildings when you have them directly selected. For example, buildings with buttons that could use some hotkeys treatment:

Doors: have Open, Auto, Lock buttons. Should be able to toggle these with one or more hotkeys.

Buildings with empty-able storage: Should be able to hit a hotkey to trigger an empty storage request such as Hydroponics Farms, Desalinators, etc.

Coal Generators: Be able to use the + and - keys to change the refuel threshold by +/-1, and the [ and ] to +/-10. Or any other building that has a single sliding scale control (water/gas valves, etc). 

I'm sure there are plenty of other buildings/buttons that could use some added hotkey functionality. Honestly, I could think of a lot of places that the entire UI could use a bit of a revamp to make things easier with less scrolling, but hotkeys alone could go a long way to fixing that.

Thanks for listening! :)


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On 6/10/2022 at 5:11 PM, Sasza22 said:

Some of the buttons already have hotkeys like the copy settings button. Would be nice if all had those or at least the most used ones.

I use the copy settings button constantly. Every other button should have a hotkey just like that where it's practical. The less I have to move the mouse to click on things, the better :D

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