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where is lunar island?

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 I can't really tell too well, but it might be off to the right side of the map (Try launching from the rocky/desert(?) area in the middle). It looks like straight edges that are cut off around there. One tip I can give you, is that there is no deep ocean between the mainland and the island. Should be free of seastacks. If you have a buddy, you can have them scout for it as a ghost. Woodie also works wonders, too.

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Your map is too blurry but- if you see some message in bottles in the water pick those up and read/use them.

This will open up areas on the water on your map that you have not been to yet- like Pearls Island, A Treasure Location, Crab King, & Lunar.

If I had to look at your map & guess- it’s to the bottom right.

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