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Editing an existing prefab's animation

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So the other day i made a fig farm and it killed my FPS, my guess is the game can't handle that many animations at the same time. This doesn't happen with grass farms for example, because the fig vines are subdivided into tiny pieces which are all animated to swing from side to side. EDIT: Scratch that, I decompiled the grass animations and they are subdivided too, I don't know the reason why 80 fig vines lag my game but a giant grass farm doesn't. And tbh now I don't know if what i'm trying to do will fix it lol... but anyway you're welcome to answer my questions if you got the time

First of all, is this possible? Would it need to be a server-sided mod? Here's what I did until I got stuck:

-I decompiled the oceanvine anim file with ktools and got the scml project with all the fig vine parts divided into folders.

- I opened it with spriter and erased most of the fig vine parts from two of the animations, so in theory all the animations are exactly the same, except for idle_fruit and idle_nofruit, which ended up looking like this 

I think this way the growth, burn, harvest, and other animations will play exactly the same and most of the vine will just instantly vanish after they are done, in that case, i don't care, I just need it to work for now.

But now i'm stuck after compiling the project (by putting it on a mods folder and opening the game). I got a zip file with the same content as the original prefab, but that's all I understood from following the hundreds of tutorials I found.

I mostly followed this tutorial but it's not useful for animations, and I tried following the mod creation section but it wouldn't work. Paired with james bucket's video for extracting the animations.

So now, how do I swap the fig vines animations for the "custom" ones I made? I'm not very good with lua, I made a couple of mods but none of them related to animations, and I couldn't find any mods that did that.

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