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(RESOLVED) Problem with the custom tab

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Hello, everyone. I'm working on a mod and recently in the modmain.lua I've put some codes for the custom tab and recipe. This causes the game to close by itself when I create a new world. I don't know why this is happening I've tried different alternatives and the same thing always happen.

I will put the modmain.lua here so you guys can see what was exactly the error.
I will be waiting for any awnser for the problem!


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Oh. It's quite clear why it's not working.

Custom recipe tabs are deprecated since the March QoL update.

If you plan on making craftable items for your character, you'll need to update the code.

AddCharacterRecipe("prefab",  { Ingredient("ingredient", 1), Ingredient("ingredient", 4), Ingredient("ingredient", 2) }, GLOBAL.TECH.SCIENCE_ONE,  {builder_tag = "charactertag"})

This makes the crafting recipes go to the Survivor Items tab in the new crafting UI.

Also, theĀ "TECH" variable is not accessed by default. To use it, you must use "GLOBAL.TECH" (without the quotation marks).

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