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Funko Pops!

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I made a post a while back suggesting that Funko Pops be brought back. One of the devs responded saying that we would need to suggest it to the company for that to happen, and I'm sure that means a lot of us would need to.

This link on the Funko Pop website allows people to submit suggestions for their favorite fandoms! https://www.funko.com/suggest-a-product

Imagine a Funko Pop of every character in DST! I'm sure people would by them!

@zarklord_klei I am not sure who would technically be in charge of this, but if we as a community need to suggest it to the Funko Pop company, maybe some sort of post could be made from Klei with the link asking people to vote for their favorite games from Klei!

Edit: Just went in and suggested all the characters :)

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