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Give us the opportunity to spend resources

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I like this game, first 100 turn's is most fun, you need to construct many things to survive, but after turn 100 or so even in hardest asteroid there is no challenge left.

You have tons of O2, water, millions calories, more energy than you can use. You just drown in resources, but there is no motivation to do something when your colony is already sustainable. Why should I bother building fancy sour gas boiler when I can live on coal for 5000 next turns with ease? No challenge left = no fun to play


Please give us opportunity to sell resources to some aliens via some teleporter/interplanetary launcher. If I could sell petroleum for some fancy late-game materials - there will be motivation for me to adjust its production in most effective way. There could be claims from aliens to give them some certain resources over a period of time in exchange for not destroying my base, it would be a challenge. Or as a token of gratitude, they can take one of dupes to safe world, so save 10 dupes that way - and you won. Thus, also printing pod wouldnot be a useless thing in late game and you can print dupes only to send them home and gain some sort of reward - some acheivement points or technology, or I dunno, something usefull.

We just need to reason play after initial danger and challenge is gone. A reason to build high-tech buildings like sour-gas boiler or regolith smelter. Im now on turn 150 and I know i can go sleep and when come back my dupes will be okay, so why bother flying on other asteroids or build nuclear reactor instead of hydrogen generator? I love this game, I finished it many times, but now Im just lost motivation to develop base, because you have so much resources but no way to spend it. Every player that seen late-game base will understand me.

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I actually had a lot of fun trying to rely with power almost exclusively on plug slugs. With limited amounts of ore i was on a timer to get to other planetoids and get some extra ore and to do the research for the space drill nosecone to get ore from space mining fields. It actually turned to be a lot of fun.

Even in the cluster worldgen with smallest planetoids you get insane amounts of water. Despite not having a water geyser on the starting one i didn`t burn thorugh all the water for 400 cycles (it was swamp start). Sometimes i feel like we could use a low geyser setting that spawns necessary geysers far from the starting planetoid so that you need to explore or you will run out of resources fast. But it needs to be a worldgen setting so that people who print large amounts of dupes (30+) could survive as well.

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