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Hard Mode-No Inbuilt Notifcations

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Are you bored and want to feel the way ONI made you feel when you first started playing? I present to you the idea of a hard mode where most inbuilt notifications and alarms don't appear. No more "made a mess", "overloading" "overheated" "building broken" etc. If you make a mistake, you get to see its consequence in its full glory.

One of the ways difficulty is silently diluted in game is by informing you of things going wrong before they cascade into far-bigger, colony killing problems. It turns the game into a much more predictable engineering sim, rather than a survival engineering sim. You get to use the same designs every-time, because you never have to build fixer-upper solutions. Concepts like critical infrastructure do not come into play. 

In this hard mode, you will still be able to use the automated notifier to create alarms, but that will be on you, becoming another part of game-play. Same for things like shift alarms.

I am also suggesting get rid of notifications like duplicant death, suffocating, starving, duplicant ill etc. Yes, duplicants will die and colonies will fail, but that is why it will be called hard or hardcore mode, meant for those looking for the raw ONI experience.

What I will suggest against getting rid of non-notification information displays. Things which provide information without attracting special attention when something has gone wrong. The on-screen calorie display (fork symbol), number of duplicants alive (duplicant symbol), number of duplicants ill (germ symbol), pinned resources, stress (brain symbol) can stay in this mode as to not make the game impossible to play. Even non-alert only, non-colour changing diagnostics can stay, it will be up to the player to notice unusual readings.

Some subtle, quality of life notifications like "building lacks resources" "long commutes" "colony report ready" "printables are available" can stay. Some notifications might have to be retained to account for bugs in the game or other crucial functions.

I am also not suggesting getting rid of duplicant expressions, behaviors or indicators on their body like sweat. Nor am I suggesting getting rid of indicators on buildings like "no power" "no intake" etc. The player will be supposed to pay due attention to duplicants and their surroundings.

Needless to say, this can also be turned into a configurable mod. There can also be setting toggle of high, medium or low amount of help notifications.



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